Sunday, May 1, 2011

When I say I'm single, I mean it


salam alaik to my dear readers.

just wanna share my thoughts and feelings here..

I just wanna inform to you guys that I'm single.
Yes, single means you don't have a boyfriend or ur not being possessed by someone.
and I'm not only single, I'm not available as well.
Not because I have feelings to other guy..
but just because I'm not interested in any relationship before marriage.

for now, I already close my heart to any men.(selagi x nikah la)
let say they(macam more than 1 lak.perasan. :p) are really serious,
then they should meet my parents and ask for permission to get engaged or to get married,
and it also depends on my parents consideration and mine as well.

so, to make it clearer, I'm not interested and am not liking if anyone asking
me for a date or kinda sound like that.

Yes, I do study with guys but that's for the sake of studying, like having a good reason.
not because of saje2..because if saje2 I dont have anything to say or kinda feel like wasting my time.

do I make myself clear?
thank you!

p/s : I'm sorry if ada yg terasa but this is only my opinion.
I know I'm not perfect but i really hope that people respect me for who I am.