Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Journey to the US (Intro)


Salam and hello everyone!

Thanks for reading my blog. I was quite surprised that until today there are still people like YOU who read my blog though I have abandoned it for quite a longgggg time!! So, I do appreciate your willingness to visit my page. ^_^

Well, alhamdulillah I am currently working in a bank somewhere in this hectic KL. Some of you who works in a bank would know how stressful to live in KL and to be a banker. it is like a great combo! HA HA. oh well~ stress aside....

I actually wanted to share with you my journey as a student in the US. I have always dreamt of publishing a book like Sis Zabrina (Life is an Open Secret), Mat Luthfi (Catatan Matluthfi), Aiman Azlan (The Other Side of the Coin), Hilal Asyraf to name a few.. but dreams will always be dreams without action. So let's start with writing a blog first because writing is also a journey, where I bring YOU as my audience to experience the path taken in my life. :D

So instead of complaining about my stressful life, I would like to share with YOU the wonderfulness of being a student by reminiscing the good ol' days in INTEC and Purdue. Inshallah, hope everyone can benefit from my story of life :)


It all started when I decided to go for a MARA interview in UNIKL building. When I entered the UNIKL building, I swear to God that I do not want to study here just because I have to wait for a long time for the elevator. LOL.

To cut the story short, when I went into the interview room, I gave the interviewers a warm smile and sat there calmly. The questions weren't hard compared to the ones that I received from Petronas Educamp and Felda interviews. It was plainly about describing myself, reason for me to choose Actuarial Science as my major, and which university I wanna go to.

The last question kinda turned everything into what I am today. I answered that I want to study in UK coz to me, studying in UK was kinda cool, with the beautiful sceneries and all. So when it comes to which university I wanna go to pursue my study, I tried to remember of a university name that I saw in the Jobstreet magazine that I got for free from Edufair in KLCC. I have no idea what university was it like, but I just said it to save myself for the question. If I wasn't mistaken, it was London School of Economics.

So the interviewer asked me nicely on my thoughts of studying in the US. When I heard of US, I was like it's a big NO NO for me. US is totally not in my list coz the news in the television and newspaper have painted bad impression about the country.


When the scholarship results finally came, I managed to obtain Petronas scholarship to study Business Administration in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and MARA scholarship to study Actuarial Science in the US. I was in the dilemma coz to me, both are really good choices. Although I do not want to go to the US at first, but I have always think that those who got the opportunity to study overseas are the luckiest person on Earth!

Like any other Muslims, I started to do Istikharah to ask guidance from Allah and Istisharah to ask guidance from people, in this case my parents, relatives and friends. Many gave their opinion where Actuarial Science would provide me with a better career enhancement and that there are not many Malays in the field. To help me in my decision making, my cousin asked the orphans in his orphanage  school that I volunteered for teaching to perform hajat prayer. And I was really thankful when my mom, who usually can't let me go although to be in a boarding school in our hometown, finally gave her permission for me to further my study in the US.

That was when I began to set my journey to the US.


To prepare for my student life in the US, MARA sent us to enroll in an American Degree Foundation Program (ADFP) in INTEC UiTM , Shah Alam where we studied English, Calculus, Islamic Studies (Pendidikan Islam) and American Culture most probably to avoid us from being culture shock when we arrive there. Haha. When we were in our orientation week, our seniors told us that ADFP means All Day Fun & Play! :D We were told that we were lucky to be in this program because it is the most relaxing program compared to other programs such as A-Level UK (ALUK), Australia Matriculation (AUSMAT), etc. And I think that it is TRUE! We really have fun in ADFP! For extra info, MARA students (in my era) only have to spend 1 year in ADFP before flying to the US while JPA students have to study for 2 years (first year in ADFP, second year in ACTP) before getting the chance to fly to the US.

So I guess we are really lucky to only spend 1 year in ADFP and get the chance to stay in the US longer! :)


I could say that Alhamdulillah, I experienced a cheerful and fulfilling life in INTEC, thanks to Persatuan Dakwah (if I'm not mistaken coz I don't really remember the names clearly, sorry... my bad). I found out about this organization when I heard an announcement right after a talk from Ustaz Ridha on whoever is interested to wake people up for Sahoor or Subuh prayer. What we have to do is just to knock onto our neighbor's door in Akasia, a female college where I used to live when I was in INTEC. I find that it was interesting so I decided to help out and the rest is history.

On the other side, Inshallah if I remember, I will snap a picture of a journal where I wrote about me sneaking into an empty room/someone else's room through the back window in a masjid just to help my friend/someone to unlock their door from the inside because they accidentally left their keys in the room. Turned out that I entered the wrong room! LOL!

I also missed the time when we sell books after Maghrib tazkirah outside of Cemara surau to increase our organization fund. We got the books for free from an uncle who owns a bookstore in Ole-Ole. He let us took any books that we want to sell, gave us commission for every book that we sold and simply let us return back the book that we didn't manage to sell. So it's a win-win situation. He totally put his trust on us although we can actually ran away with the books and make profit from the books (we took quite a handful books from him). 

He also likes to give me discounts whenever I went to his bookshop since the very first day he opened the bookstore! Well actually, I was the one who asked discount from him. haha. *shy-shy* And he gave me discounts on all items that I bought from his bookstore! So, almost every month I will buy Solusi mag from him with a discount and bought other editions later if I missed the chance to buy them. There was one time when I was searching for a paperbag for whatever reason which I don't remember and he helped me to find one in his bookstore. When I wanna pay for it, he just gave it to me for free! May Allah bless him! :D He was also down to Earth because I have been calling him Uncle since Day 1 we met when he's actually an Ustaz! The funny part was when I bought few mini mathurat sugra from him as presents to my family, friends, and siblings but later on I gave one of the mathurat to him as a gift! Haha.


That's all for now. Inshallah in the next post I will share with you more on my life in Purdue. :) If you are planning to study abroad especially in the US and you have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below and I will try my best to answer them inshallah. Till next time inshallah. Salam~~~ ^_______^

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

no words can describe what Im feeling right now.

Bismillah. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum, May Peace be Upon You.

I have a mixed feeling. I can't really describe what I feel right now.

Why this is so hard. I hate this feeling. I wish it goes away.

Sometimes I feel like I always make a decision without thinking of it thoroughly.

And now I'm paying for it.

However, I think that maybe it is the best for me though I can't see it now. Dear ruh aljadid, please remember (2:216).

I just have to really put my trust on Him.

I have this sort of feeling maybe because Im used to make decisions on my own.

However, when I decided one of the important things in my life I based on my parents happiness, in order to obtain their redha which leads to Allah's redha, although I am happy for them, sometimes I don't really feel happy for myself.

Sacrifice is indeed a painful thing to do but if it is for the best for my Deen and for my parents, I hope I can go through it successfully.

However, my sacrifice is nothing compared to others in Syria, Palestine and other parts of the world.

Ya Rabb, please know that I did this for You. And for that please grant me and my family jannah so that we could see and meet You one day. Please accept my prayer and my sacrifice. Ameen~

Bismillahi tawakkaltu alallah.

Monday, February 18, 2013

dream is power

Bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem..

Assalamualaikum pembaca sekalian. :)

Terdetik utk sharing2 walaupun ada exam esok.hehe

Lately byk benda berlaku. tapi apa nak cerita harini berkaitan dengan mimpi saya.


Beberapa hari yang lepas, saya mimpi, mimpi yang agak menakutkan.

Saya mimpi yang hari dah kiamat walaupun sy x experience tp sy tahu dah masanya utk ditentukan sama ada sy ke syurga atau neraka.

Walaupun ketentuan ke syurga atau neraka tu lebih kurang formatnya dgn online quiz entrepreneurship saya, tp masa nak tunggu result tu lebih mendebarkan drpd tunggu result quiz.

Saya masih ingat masa tunggu result tu saya zikir byk2, mcm terus nak berusaha walaupun tahu hari kiamat means amal kte semua dah over. tinggal tunggu result je.

and saya rasa sgt sedih bila saya dpt result yg sy masuk neraka. naudzubillah. saya lihat kat paparan tu seksaan sy yg paling ringan mcm abi talib, yg pacik Nabi kena. tp selama 60tahun x silap which is sgt lama. Saya rasa sangaaatttt sangat menyesal time tu.

Tiba2 sy nampak kawan2 sy. Salah seorang drpd mereka housemate sy sendiri. Saya nampak dia bertelekung putih. Saya tanya dia, dia dpt masuk syurga ke neraka? Dia ckp dia dpt masuk syurga. Seronoknya lah saya rasa kalau sy kat tmpt dia. Saya rasa sungguh menyesal sbb x buat betul2 kat dunia dulu.

Then kalau x silap sy, sy dgr kawan sy yg lain siap boleh pilih2 nak syurga yg mn. syurga no. 4.
Xsilap sy org yg bole pilih2 syurga ni mestilah sgt hebatkan. sbb org yg kat syurga level atas je bole jenguk syurga level bawah.. seronoknya sy tgk dorg. tp sy sgt sedih sbb sy sorg2 ke sana.. T_T

Saya x smpt mimpi mcm mana keadaan neraka tp sy mmg xnak bayangkan pun.

Harini, sy terfikir...

Orang yg pahala amalnya lg berat dr dosa akan masuk neraka dulu ke?
Bila sy google, sy jumpa satu blog ni yg cerita psl syurga, neraka n org yg duk kat tgh2 antara kedua2nya.

Org yg pahala > dosa walaupun sebesar telur kutu katanya, dpt masuk syurga
Org yg pahala< dosa walaupun sebesar telur kutu katanya, akan masuk neraka.
Org yg pahala=dosa akan duduk atas tembok Al-A'raaf antara syurga n neraka. dpt tgk both sides. (boleh refer surah Al-Aaraaf).

Bila baca post ni, saya rasa takut kalau jadi org yg duduk atas tembok tu, apatah lagi org yg ke neraka. Sangat takut n menyedihkan. sbb time tu dah xde alternative lain utk kita perbanyakkan amal.

Dalam quran pn banyak tulis yg org2 yg rugi kat akhirat nnt, dorg akan minta utk kembali ke dunia utk lakukan amal soleh tp there is no way back.

Ape pun, saya rasa syukur sgt2 sbb mimpi mcm ni sbb dpt ingatkan diri sy n org lain iA utk terus menerus melakukan amal soleh sebanyak mungkin..

(selingan : drpd dok dgr music sentiasa akhir2 ni, terus tukar dgr zikir. huhu.. T_T semoga bukan sementaralah perubahan ni inshallah.)

Although it is with his Mercy that we enter jannah, but still, to obtain His mercy, kita kena berlumba2 buat kebaikan biar kita dpt sparkle di depan Allah berbanding org lain.

Satu lg sy sgt syukur dpt belajar oversea n dpt masuk dlm honor society sbb I could see their outstanding accomplishments. Dorg ni slalu ade passion to make this world a better place.

(selingan : betullah quran ckp, org nasrani (kristian) dorg amal, tp x beriman (percaya) or x tahu
org yahudi pulak tahu tp xnak amal, specialnya org islam, kita tahu n kita amal. syukur.)

Saya sgt kagum. Bila baca resume2 dorg, saya rasa mcm contribution sy selama ni mcm habuk je. sgt kecil berbanding accomplishments dorg.

and bila kami nak pilih org2 baru utk next year's class, masing2 tgk yg mana yg paling bagus n paling menyerlah. sesi pertama xleh ade perbincangan lgsung. masing2 vote sape yg dia nak thru online. n hanya 3 org drpd 102 org yg dpt 90-100% vote terpilih masuk. 2nd round n strusnya baru ade diskusi. org yg diorg kenal n rasa bagus, dorg duk puji2, ckp he or she is a sparkler, he or she goes over and beyond... etc2.. byk kali dorg ckp benda tu.n sy tgk kalau org tu bagus sgt, org yg sokong dia akan tetap pertahankan nominee tu smpai masuk dlm list 40 org. bila ktorg sampai ke tahap dry ballot as in xde org pn yg ada dlm range 80-100% vote, ktorg boleh vote nak stopkan pemilihan n end up ade 39 member je utk thn dpn. tp sbb dorg ni sgtlah awesome, ktorg pertahankan rights dorg utk masukkan sorg lg dlm organization tu in order utk cukupkan 40 org. n org yg 3 kali berturut2 dpt less than 25% vote kene elimate drpd list.

bila sy tgk keadaan ni, sy bole relate sedikit sbyk pada hari kiamat nnt. sy teringat kalau kte puasa, kalau kte buat amal, kalau kte sedekah, kalau kte berpegang kat quran. aset2 ni nantilah yg akan pertahankan kte utk masuk dlm list ahli syurga. cumanya syurga xde limit mcm organization kat atas ni.lg2 kalau kte menyerlah dr org lain. kte digelar "sparkler" drpd org lain. betapa mudahnya kte utk masuk. xyah kene hisab.mcm org yg 1st round trus masuk. xde discuss2 pn. xyah nak tunggu lama n rebut ngan org lain utk masuk. n xsmpt langsung nk masuk senarai ahli neraka(eliminate dr jd ahli syurga). T_T

untungnyalah org2 yg mcm ni kan.

semoga lah kan, semoga kite sama2 fastabiqul khoirot, berlumba2 buat kebaikan so that kita lah yg TOP and SPARKLER di depan Allah nnt. inshallah :)


semoga post kali ni bermanfaat buat semua. inshallah...

ok dah. Kena sambung study. Yosh!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

make me strong~


I felt so miserable lately. everything is sensitive to me.
With the burden of study, tests, quizzes,organizations, and  dakwah, I feel so pressured.
Thanks to a friend of mine who always remind me of the words of Allah,
I feel much better and calm now.

Truly, Allah's words are mightier than any other words in this world.
And for that my Lord, I ask you to give me strength to go through all these with ease and guidance from you.
I really need it...

I'm also in need of your prayers my friend, to keep me strong, always. :)
jazakumullah khoir :)

"Do men think that they will be left alone on saying "We believe" and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false." (Al-ankabut :2-3)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

sekadar renungan buat diri dan sahabat

“Barangsiapa yang dikehendaki Allah dengan kebaikan maka ditimpakan ujian padanya.” (HR. Bukhari)



It has been a long time since I wrote my last post. Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah, Allah izinkan saya utk pulang ke tanah tumpah darah utk summer break kali ini. Walaupun cuma 2 bulan, inshallah, semoga banyak pengajaran, pengalaman, kisah suka duka yang dpt saya kutip. Semoga bermanfaat dan berguna utk saya dan org lain, inshallah.

Pejam celik pejam celik, sudah hampir sebulan saya di bumi Malaysia. and I'm looking forward to fill my days in Malaysia with lots of other things yg bole memanfaatkan diri, keluarga dan masyarakat inshallah..

Alhamdulillah, balik Malaysia kali ni, banyak benda yang dpt sy selesaikan, dan byk juga tmpt yg dpt saya lawati compared to last year. Alhamdulillah, kali ni sy berpeluang utk ziarah sedara di KL, ziarah anak2 yatim yg sy rindui yg dah hampir 4 thn x bertemu di Darul aitam, survey brg2, dpt menghadiri 3 program inshallah, dan ajar adik sy yg akan menduduki SPM tahun ini.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

nikmat demi nikmat


Mashallah. Sungguh saya x sangka bahawa kecekalan hati saya utk meneruskan juga perjalanan ke Ohio tanpa mengikut kepala saya yang ketegaq ni dek kerana masalah kewangan diberikan nikmat yang bertimpa2 oleh Allah.

Dalam Quran (manual kehidupan a.k.a buku cinta Sang Pencipta kepada hambaNya) , banyak ayat yang mengatakan kalau kita berjihad di jalan Allah, dengan harta dan jiwa, inshallah, Allah akan mewariskan kita syurga , menolong kita malah meneguhkan kedudukan kita.

Salah satu ayat hafazan saya di sana ialah (47:7). Inshallah masing2 boleh la belek sepotong ayat cinta Allah buat kita semua ni :)

Benarlah, Allah x pernah memungkiri janjiNya. Sweetnya Kekasih kita ni ^_^. Takbir!

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.

Kalau nak ckp Alhamdulillah, sampai saya mati pun rasanya x cukup tahmid ni nak diucapkan utk gambarkan betapa nikmat Allah ni sangatlah melimpah x terkira banyakny
a utk setiap hambaNya.

Tapi apa yang saya nampak beberapa hari lepas hanyalah ujian demi ujian. Astaghfirullah.

Nak cerita perihal ISR di Ohio ni, banyak membuka mata saya. N mashallah, akhawat2 byk mengorbankan harta mereka untuk memberi makan kepada kami yg bermasalah kewangan ni.

Masa otw pergi dan balik Ohio, walaupun kami x beli makanan kerana nak berjimat, akhawat2 yang lain membelikan makanan utk dikongsi bersama2. mashallah, terharu dengan nikmat dan kasih sayang yang Allah beri thru hamba2Nya. Alhamdulillah. T_T

Dalam program tu sendiri, Allah beri nikmat yang melimpah-limpah.

“Barangsiapa yang dikehendaki Allah dengan kebaikan maka dijadikannya FAQIH (kefahaman yang mendalam) terhadap ilmu agama” (HR.Bukhari-Muslim)

Alhamdulillah, Allah gerakkan juga hati saya utk ke program ni kan. Kalau x, bertambah malas dan layulah saya dalam perjuangan dakwah dan tarbiyah (D&T) ni.

Program ni banyak membuka mata saya sebagai seorang hamba Allah yang lemah ni. dan mengembalikan semula semangat dan cas2 positif yang saya perlukan utk meneruskan perjuangan.

Benarlah kata orang yang kalau kita duduk dengan orang yang baik2 inshallah terpercik juga kebaikannya pada kita. Duduk bersama2 orang yang bermisi dan bervisikan matlamat yang sama iaitu demi mencapai redha Allah dan syurga, saya rasa amat tenang.

Melihat wajah2 akhawati fillah menghadirkan satu perasaan aneh dalam diri. Perasaan yang apabila melihat wajah2 ini, saya rasa perasaan sayang yang sangat indah. Inilah agaknya yang dikatakan sayang kerana Allah. Lazat dan manis sungguh ukhuwwah itu jika didasari keranaNya. :)

Di sana juga, masa2 seakan2 terisi. Masa yang lapang kami isi dengan tadarrus Qu
ran. Alhamdulillah, berjaya juga khatamkan dua juzu' bersama group yang diassign :)
Saya rasa macam, Allah, tak sangka, dalam dua hari yang pack dengan slot2 awesome, dpt juga baca 2 juzu' Quran. Alhamdulillah :)

What I can say is I learnt a lot. Mata saya lebih terbuka.

Benarlah Allah akan uji apa yang kita cakap kan. Saya terbaca post sy tentang sy single
but not available(lebih kurang macam tu lah). Dan saya katakan saya tutup pintu hati saya utk semua lelaki kecuali Kekasih saya yang Satu ni.(Sang Rabbul Alamin). Tapi, kadang2 kita x sedar bila2 je pintu hati kita boleh diketuk oleh seseorang.

Allah, saat itu menjadi ujian buat diri saya.

Saya tahu perasaan yang hadir itu fitrah. Tetapi saya x mahu bazirkan perasaan saya ni pada benda yang x pasti.

Saya nak perasaan saya itu biarlah pada benda yang pasti, yang menguntungkan, yang pasti balasannya. inshallah. Ada satu hari tu, saya rasa x keruan. Bak kata buku, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" , fitrah perempuan, suka utk bercerita masalah kepada orang l
ain kerana itu akan memberi tranquility padanya .(Iklan : Saya sarankan anda baca buku ni. sangat bagus :) ) tapi,housemates saya semua sedang pergi bercuti dan saya x mahu mengganggu mereka. Jadi, saya cuba praktikkan ayat2 Allah yang mengatakan bila mengingati Allah itu, jiwa2 akan menjadi tenang.

Saya berdoa agar Allah gantikan perasaan saya yang hadir itu dengan perasaan cinta saya kepadaNya. Saya merayu padaNya, saya membelek dan membaca ayat2 cintaNya pada saya, lalu bagai kuasa magis, hati saya menjadi tenang setenang-tenangnya. Allahuakbar. Syukur padaNya.

Melalui program ISR di Ohio, saya terkesan dengan pengisian yang mengatakan untuk kita membina 7 Maratib Amal untuk menjadi Islam sebagai Ustaziatul Alam(UA), perlulah dimulai oleh Individu Muslim(IM) itu sendiri , dan step seterusnya adalah Baitul Muslim(BM) yang dianggotai oleh 2 orang Individu Muslim (IM).

Antara ciri2 IM tu adalah melengkapkan 10 Muwasofat Tarbiyah.

Apakah 10 Muwasofat Tarbiyah itu? Itulah checklist utk menjadi Muslim yang OSEM!

Allah, saya sibuk berdoa agar Allah berikan saya jodoh yang sesuai, dan dapat membimbing saya ke jalan yang diredhai, jalan menujuNya. Saya sibuk mencari orang yang sesuai utk saya, sibuk mencari orang yang dapat sama2 memperjuangkan D&T sehingga ke syurga.Tetapi, saya neglectkan perkara yang paling penting ni : 10 Muwasofat Tarbiyah.

Walaupun tertampal di dinding depan meja study, kertas 10 Muwasofat Tarbiyah itu bagai tidak wujud. Tidak dipraktikkan sama sekali. Membazir printing saja.

Allah kan ada btau yang perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik n vice versa.

So, apa yang perlu saya lakukan sekarang adalah melengkapkan diri saya dengan 10 ciri2 ni.

Macam mana nak nikah dan punya anak jika yang ni pun saya masih kurang. Bagaimana nak didik anak utk menjadi mujahid mujahidah agama jika diri masih tempang dalanm hal ini?

Alhamdulillah , syukur , terima kasih Allah kerana membuka mata saya sekali lagi yang entah sudah berapa lama terpejam.

Benarlah yang manusia ini pelupa .Root word insan pun maksudnya Lupa. Walaupun dah tahu tentang hakikat itu namun perlu disedarkan dan diingatkan kembali.

Nikmat yang lain adalah diberi peluang memandu buat pertama kalinya di highway. Saya perlukan training seperti itu supaya dapat membantu jika ada program di tempat lain setelah ketiadaan senior . Sob. Sob. T_T

Mula2 saya rasa agak cemas kerana x biasa memandu laju dan bergerak bersebelahan dengan lori2 yang besar gedabak di US ini. tapi kata2 semangat akhawat2 yang menjadikan saya berani. Alhamdulillah, tapi masih memerlukan praktis. inshallah :)

Sungguh saya x sangka, ketakutan saya untuk memandu dahulu dapat saya overcome kerana rasa tanggungjawab utk membawa islam itu. Alhamdulillah, jalan D&T ini banyak mengajar saya ilmu n skill2 yang awesome. Mashallah.

Lagi, bila kembali semua ke rumah, hati saya berdebar2 bila ternampak surat result appeal saman parking ($35) . Alhamdulillah, lega x terkata kerana amount yang perlu dibayar adalah $0. Sungguh , Allah itu Maha Penyayang. Saya x sangka appeal saya utk direducekan amount saman itu direducekan sehingga ke angka kosong. Alhamdulillah :)

Terima kasih Allah.

Saya rasa terharu sangat sebab Allah bagi ujian kalau Dia sayang kat hambaNya. tapi, saya ni, bila ditimpa ujian, mengeluh dan merungut. bila ditimpa nikmat baru mengucapkan Alhamdulillah.

“Barangsiapa yang dikehendaki Allah dengan kebaikan maka ditimpakan ujianpadanya.” (HR. Bukhari)

Astaghfirullah, janganlah kita tergolong dalam golongan yang begitu . Teruk sekali. Boleh rujuk (surah Al-Fajr:15-16)

Semoga, Allah menjadikan kita antara golongan yang menjadi ansarullah (penolong agama Allah)
Sungguh, kemenangan Islam itu pasti, cuma kita ni hendak atau tidak be a part of it.

Inshallah, semoga Allah tsabatkan kita dalam jalan ini. Jalan ini pasti, wajib, memang, mesti payah. tetapi inilah sahaja jalan yang benar, dan jalan yang dijanjikan syurga dan yang paling kita nantikan adalah jalan yang mengizinkan kita melihat Allah di syurga nanti. Mashallah (dalam hati ada taman. ) hehe..

Sesungguhnya segala yang baik n osem itu datangNya dari Kekasih kita (Allah)..hihi..
dan segala yang buruk itu datangnya dari diri saya yang serba lemah dan kurang ini. Astaghfirullah.

p/s : oh dan terima kasih wa jazakumullah khoiron kathiron buat semua yang mendoakan tiket saman agar dikurangkan.