Monday, November 7, 2011

menyukai tak semestinya mencintai.
mencintai tak semestinya memiliki.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True friend is hard to find. indeed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

When I say I'm single, I mean it


salam alaik to my dear readers.

just wanna share my thoughts and feelings here..

I just wanna inform to you guys that I'm single.
Yes, single means you don't have a boyfriend or ur not being possessed by someone.
and I'm not only single, I'm not available as well.
Not because I have feelings to other guy..
but just because I'm not interested in any relationship before marriage.

for now, I already close my heart to any men.(selagi x nikah la)
let say they(macam more than 1 lak.perasan. :p) are really serious,
then they should meet my parents and ask for permission to get engaged or to get married,
and it also depends on my parents consideration and mine as well.

so, to make it clearer, I'm not interested and am not liking if anyone asking
me for a date or kinda sound like that.

Yes, I do study with guys but that's for the sake of studying, like having a good reason.
not because of saje2..because if saje2 I dont have anything to say or kinda feel like wasting my time.

do I make myself clear?
thank you!

p/s : I'm sorry if ada yg terasa but this is only my opinion.
I know I'm not perfect but i really hope that people respect me for who I am.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My dua'


O Allah, I really really really in desperate and in need of your mercy to enter your paradise..
I also really really hope that my parents, family, friends, and teachers could enter jannah with me too..

The more, the merrier! (Maryam,2011)


please please please make us be among those who 24/7 feel grateful
to You during our good and hard times..
Please make us among the best people that You and others love.
Please make us be the best person to our parents, family,our community, and all living things..
Please ya Allah make us be patient in everything we do and in everything we encounter in our everyday lives.
please make us be among those who forgive people and do good to them
no matter what they did to us.

We realize ya Ilahi that this world is only a TEST for us
and the akhirah(hereafter) is our destination.
So, please make us get A++ for this test ya Rabb..

Without your mercy, we are nothing...

Please make us remember that You are always and will always be our ONE AND ONLY LORD
There's no one to be worship BUT You..
Please make our love to You more dear than the cold water in the dry hot weather..
Please make our love to You and to our dear Prophet Muhammad higher than our love to others.

I know You heard my prayers my dear Lord, my beloved Rabb, ya Ilahi,
so please, please accept all my prayers :,)

p/s : jannah is expensive, so make sure we try our very best to get it so that we wouldnt regret later...

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth
watching" (Fakhrul,2011)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


horseback riding

my passions, I really2 wanna learn Malaysia inshallah.
Why? because its a sunnah.. :) [correct me if I'm wrong]
My desire to learn these sports is since years ago.
but swimming is kinda hard. I need a close swimming pool w/o men.
Usually kinda expensive.
May Allah give me the chance to learn a drop of His knowledge. inshallah.
Please pray for me. Thanks! :)

Lemparkanlah (panah) dan tunggangilah (kuda).”
(Riwayat Muslim)

archery horseback riding?
not yet..
has to consider my backbone and health condition..
apepun, alhamdulillah bersyukur..=)

my cousin, a hafiz, learning archery horseback riding in Korea
mashallah! I'm very proud of him.

p/s : I just discovered from link below that horseback riding is good for back bone..alhamdulillah.
I really happy to know bout it..thank you Allah :D

show me the way~

dengan namaMu ya Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang..

Perempuan tercipta dari tulang rusuk yang bengkok,
Aku juga dikurniakan dengan tulang belakang yang bengkok
Namun ya Allah,
biarpun itu sifatku dan fizikalku,
ku bersyukur dengan takdir ini.

akan tetapi,
janganlah kau biarkan jalanku bengkok,
tunjukilah aku jalan yang lurus
yang tidak bengkok..

ku mohon kepadamu ya Tuhan
bimbinglah aku selalu :,(

-luahan hati insan yang sentiasa memerlukan hidayahMu..

Friday, April 1, 2011

scoliosis? apekah itu??

dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani..
salam sahabat2 n saudara2 yg dikasihi Allah sekalian..

dah lama dah saya menyepi..hehe..
kali ni terdetik nak tulis something educational + personal i guess?

semalam, saya terlawat blog seorang kakak ni.. dia penghidap scoliosis. dulu dia mmg sgt teruklah sampai kena buat pembedahan 2 kali. sekarang Alhamdulillah dia dah okay..but still, besi ada dlm tulang belakang dia..

Ha, buat kalian yg x tahu apa tu scoliosis,
scoliosis ni ialah tulang belakang berbentuk S or C...mcm trademark gitu :p

saya dah detect scoliosis ni sebelum masuk form 1 but biarkan je..nak pi wat fisioterapi x buat2 sampailah saya melanjutkan pelajaran ke US ni...(elok buat awal2 sbnrnye utk elak lg teruk)

and sampailah saya baca blog akak ni...mcm menakutkan jugak la cerita dia..

scoliosis ni ada byk la jugak simptom2 dia.
mcm sakit pinggang, sesak nafas, sakit kaki, etc
sebab dia berkait dgn tulang belakang kan?

doctor ckp my scoliosis is mild(sederhana).
kat Malaysia, topik ni x diberi pendedahan walaupun ramai yg kena.. and bahaya if x ambil langkah awal..sian kami2 ni..:p
kat US ni, sy btau kawan sy(malaysian american) dia tahu je ..n dia ckp kat sekolah dulu mmg slalu buat medical check up psl scoliosis ni .. n kalau boleh dia mmg xnak kena lah kan.

and x hairan la saya kena sbb mmg lg ramai penderita scoliosis ni dari kalangan perempuan..
xpe..alhamdulillah, Allah beri sakit ni ada hikmahnya.. :)
bukankah setiap kesakitan tu akan gugur dosa kecil and bila kita sabar akan diganjari pahala?
maha adilnya Pencipta kita :D

tapi macam mana bersabar pun, kadang2 sedih jugak lah sbb org lain majoriti straight.. and rasa rendah diri / segan bila kita punya senget...
doctor ckp xleh angkat benda berat, buat kerja berat, etc..
but sy still buat lah kan.. macam angkat barang2 pasar, groceries rumah.. xkan nak suruh mak yg angkat..
macam bila bersihkan rumah, nak kena angkat pasu ke , kita la yg buat kan.. xkan nak suruh mak.. (ni bila ayah, abg, adik laki xdak la)
tp kadang2 sedih jugak la, my mum kadang2 nak angkat jugak sbb dia tahu anak dia ni ade sakit tulang belakang...

and kadang2 rasa bersalah bila nak minta tolong org angkat benda berat utk saya.. mcm diri ni selfish pulak, ambil kesempatan..etc...

so, kalau rajin baca lah blog akak tu eh.. byk info berguna..sbb manalah tahu kawan kalian, sedara mara yg kena cmni.. diorg akan rasa sgt terharu if korang ambil berat and try memahami walaupun hanya org yg menghadapinya yang faham.

and alhamdulillah , skrg dah lama x sakit..kadang2 je..thank you Allah :)

*decided to delete the picture..cukuplah biarkan selama beberapa hari..
semoga dpt beri manfaat sharing kali ini..

Friday, March 25, 2011


ya Rab Kau sumber kekuatanku.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

self discovery

i have to found myself back..

I miss my old cheerful mira..

please come back . =(

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a blessing in disguise

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).
(al-Hujurat :13)

Allah tells us that he created each of us different so that we can know each other. and it's a blessing.
then,why people keep calling each other names?!

When Islam came, it taught us that man are equal, no one can be on top of the other except taqwa(which only Allah can judge it).
This clearly shows that Islam ELIMINATES RACISM or I can say it is forbidden in Islam?
yes, it is HARAAM! Correct me if I'm wrong.

then , why do Malays who are majority so-called Muslims like to call bad names or be racist to other people like Chinese and Indians?

I'm so unhappy and mad right now as I suddenly remembered a video which my friend posted few weeks ago about a Malay student who asked an Indian boy to say nasty words about his race. And he asked him to repeat it many times and in a loud voice. What the .....??! The Indian boy looks so innocent.
Isn't it is forbidden in Islam to torture or bully someone who is innocent? again, its HARAAM!
Why can't u get it boy?! duhhhh..
You make us feel very ashamed because of your immatured and shameful act.
Can I say people like you should NEVER EVER EXIST in this WORLD?
Do you know that you ruined my day just by hearing what you just said to that pity Indian boy?
Don't you have any feelings? If you did have, then of course he has one TOO!
Think before you speak!

I wish there are people out there ( no matter ustaz, ustazah , teachers or professors) to come to each school which practices this LAME activity and give LECTURES bout this topic. Its very very important. We live in a country that is multi-races. So, that sort of practice is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. and I heard this problem is normal in Malaysia. Even in the army school! What the..?! And people kept silent because they are afraid or they just don't bother because it's not their PROBLEM?
duh! I wish I can do something bout it.. really. Can we make petition or something to the Education Ministry to report bout this problem?

If anyone out there wanna make a change bout this, feel free to comment below there.

We should respect each other and learn from others.

p/s : I'm sorry if anyone feel bad reading this post.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cara utk menghafal m/s setiap juzuk Al-Quran

dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang..

Saya ingin berkongsi ilmu yang baru saya dpt daripada rakan saya melalui email.
Sangat menarik pada pendapat saya..Subhanallah!

Saya telah test validity content ini beberapa kali dan alhamdulillah setakat ini semuanya benar. (tapi saya x test semua skali since ada 30 juzu' dalam Quran)

However, ini hanya valid untuk mushaf rasm uthmani yang setiap halamannya cukup habis ayat. Kalau mushaf yang kertas kuning tu atau ada juga mushaf yang dicetak di India, perkiraan seperti di bawah dah tak jadi valid.

Wallahu a'lam, moga sharing kali ini bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

email :
"Al-Quran adalah peninggalan Rasulullah kpd kita semua umatnya. Ada 2 benda yg Nabi Muhammad s.a.w tinggalkan kepada kita iaitu Al-Quran dan juga Sunnah utk kita semua amalkan. Berapa kali korang baca Al-Quran sehari? 1 kali? 2 kali atau dalam solat sahaja? Pahala paling senang nk dapat adalah melalui pembacaan Al-Quran kerana setiap huruf diberikan 10 pahala, tambahan pula Al-Quran adalah kalam Allah (dtg daripada Allah sendiri bukan diciptakan manusia)

Tip yg Bdk Botak nk kongsikan ni adalah cara utk menghafal muka surat setiap juzuk Al-Quran. Memang menakjubkan kerana hanya dengan menggunakan formula matematik ringkas, kita dapat tau muka surat setiap juzuk Al-Quran.

Jom sama2 kita belajar...

Contoh 1
Jika korang ingin mengetahui Juzuk 5 di halaman ke berapa:
5-1 = 4, 4 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 4 x 2 = 8
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzuk 5 adalah pada halaman 82
Sekarang lihat pada Quran dan anda akan lihat Juzuk 5 bermula pada halaman 82. Menarikkan?

Contoh 2
Jika korang ingin mengetahui Juzuk 10 di halaman ke berapa:
10-1 = 9, 9 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 9 x 2 = 18
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzuk 10 adalah pada halaman 182

Contoh 3
Jika anda ingin mengetahui Juzuk 23 di halaman ke berapa:
23-1 = 22, 22 perlu didarab dengan 2 jadi 22 x 2 = 44
Letakkan no 2 selepas jawapan.
Jadi, juzu 23 adalah pada halaman 442

Subhanallah, memang menakjubkan kan kawan2. Sama2 kita kongsikan kepada kawan2 kita, adik2 kita, famili2 kita supaya kita sama2 mendapat pahala... "

Saturday, January 15, 2011


duhai air mata~ bilakah engkau hendak berhenti mengalir?
hanya kerana ujian yang begitu sedikit semangatmu sudah hancur berderai..

tabahlah duhai hati kerana Allah sedang mengujimu, dan Dia tidak akan menguji hambaNya di luar kemampuan mereka..

Alirkanlah air mata ini hanya untukNya..

ya Allah, kembalikanlah semangatku yang berkobar2 suatu ketika dahulu..

my driving license

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...

The first time I went to take my driving test at BMV last year, I had a problem with my name on a letter which is required for the valid home address. It's just because of the absence of "binti" in one of the two letters that we need to gave them.

Today was the 2nd time I came to take the written driving test.(wow, it took me a year to do it. lol) I made sure that I brought everything that they need to see. and Alhamdulillah, I was able to take the test. It wasn't really hard if we read the book entirely except for chapter 1 :p . alhamdulillah, I checked my answers first before returning the paper and I realized that I accidentally marked 2 wrong answers. So, I quickly changed it and went through it once again. ALHAMDULILLAH, I passed it with flying colors (just exaggerating..hehe) After that, my photo was being captured and I had to do an eye test (I'm not sure the actual term for it) where we have to read several numbers ranging from big to small size numbers.

However, Allah knows BEST. At the very last step before I get my learner's permit, my name in the Social Security Number is not matched with my name in the Visa. So, they're unable to process it. I have to go to SSA to change my SSN name and go back to BMV to get my permit.

Despite the test that Allah gave me for not being able to obtain my permit just yet, I felt so grateful for He had helped me a lot to go through all this. Alhamdulillah, I had passed a stage, which was the written test. Only one more step to go to get the permit. So, I don't really feel depressed or disappointed because everything happen for reason. (semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya) =)

So, why should I be sad, right? because Allah has told us that for those who are patience with His test, He will reward them. inshallah... =)

p/s : I will get my learner's permit soon. Inshallah.. so, no worries =D
T.H.I.N.K. P.O.S.I.T.IV.E. gurl!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


in the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful...


I'm supposed to train myself to write at least a post everyday.. but it turn out not very well i guess.

If I write something or telling something, some good things that I wanna do or trying to improve myself, there's always something that prevent me from doing it..

IF I'm telling it to someone, like in this blog... after I wrote that I made a mutabaah amal, my amal started to decrease..ughhhhh... I hate myself !

yeah right, everything that we said will be tested to see if we really did it.. Life is a test.. so, what I have to do is to strive it with excellence. not grumbling about it..yeah..that makes more sense!

well, today is not a very good day for me I shall say. I forgot to do the homework for my management class!! I really really thought that the homework will be done and will be discussed in the class.
I was kinda sleepy yesterday that I didn't bother to look at it.. how careless I am...

so, I decided to copy the solutions posted by my professor who actually want us to check for the answers, not copying it.. I felt SOOOooOO BAD and TERRIBLE throughout the class. I totally messed up with my first RECITATION which SHOULD BE GOOD!!
T_T BAD! so, I promised myself not to REPEAT the same mistakes ever again INSHALLAH.. you guys also do pray for me okay? Thanks..=)

I have some good news to share with you...
Well, two days before, I got a package from my muktamar technical committee leader.
When I opened it, I found many big envelopes which contain souvenirs for us, the technical committees. I was so happy to receive it as I really LOVE gifts. Who didn't like it, right? hehe..
So I opened mine and guess what's in there?

A SNOW GLOBE with San Francisco written below it!
also, a magnetic holder from California
and a postcard!!

wow, that's too many!! hehe...
Then, I read the postcard saying that he thanked us for being a part of the committee and he hoped that we could continue our effort for the next coming Muktamar.

also, he added that he thanked me and said that I'm among the most dedicated people he ever met.

Hehe.. His words and souvenirs really made my day.. :p

Well, to be honest, we stayed up all night to burn almost 200 cds for the muktamar participants and I did some extra work after the muktamar replying the emails as he had his vacation in california, san francisco and some other parts of the US. So, probably, that's why I get the snow globe though I didn't expect to receive all these souvenirs in the first place.. alhamdulillah..=)
Thanks once again !! ^_^

and yesterday night, some of the Malaysian sisters gathered in a freshmen house in the William Street to recite Yasseen together for Atul's aunt who is currently having a stage 4 cancer.However, despite the bad news, I really liked to have this gathering as it is so rare for the students in the US, or in my place to have this kind of gathering..
So, after we finished reciting it, we gave some tazkirah among us. One of the sisters shared one verse of the Quran which is 2:216. The verse basically said that what we think is best for us could be bad for us and vice versa. and Allah knows while we're not.

She then explained that for example, our result might not be as good as we want it to be, but probably that's the best for us. What we have to do is to stop, and think, reflect back what we had done and what we want to do in the future to have a better results.

Then, I added that we can see from Atul's aunt's sickness itself. Because of the illness that Allah created for her, we can gather together to pray the best for her . We recited Yasseen not only for her, but also for our parents, friends, lecturers, siblings, others, as well as for ourselves. And we had the chance to pray in jamaah(together), to mingle with each other, to do some sharings, and to have dinner together. This is all the blessings in disguise despite of what had happened. Probably because of our recitation and dua'(prayer) in groups, Allah will accept our prayer and this will not only do good to Atul's aunt but also for our families and for us. This is also considered as 'majlis ilmu'. and angels will always be in such gathering and pray for the people who joined it. Subhanallah.. Allah is the Most Merciful!

I think it's enough for this post... =) probably I'll continue in the next post. inshallah..

p/s : sorry for jumping the topic here and there and make you confused.. usually the idea pops up in my mind and I straightforward writing it rather than thinking of what to write first and what's next except if this is a graded post, I might do so. :p

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my second day of school! (1/11/11)

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

today was quite a unique day or date for all of us. (1/11/11)
alhamdulillah.. we are still breathing at this moment..

alhamdulillah.. I didn't come late or miss any classes today.
I'm training myself to come on time.. hopefully by the end of this semester, I could come early to class inshallah..=)

There's a lot of reading was being assigned in the class especially the ARAB 230. It is an Arabic Comparative Literature class. I'm taking this class because I want to minor in Arabic. So, I will have to prepare my mental and physical to be a good reader and writer inshallah.. Hopefully, my writing practice in this blog would help me in this course and also, I'm hoping that this course would bring many benefits to me in many ways such as the general knowledge, the skills to be a better reader, writer, and speaker. Why I'm saying this is because my instructor wants us to participate in the class by giving opinions from the short stories that we are going to read. She also said that she taught composition and writing class before which means I have to work hard to get good grades in her class. She would not expect a sloppy writing from any of us. Fuhh.. Hopefully I would do fine in her class inshallah..
So, do pray for me guys..thanks =D

oh, I forgot to mention. I tried to make nap as a habit in my daily life so that I can recharge my body.. FYI, I really need a lot of sleeping. and that's why I was being called "Sleeping Beauty" in my family ;p So, after taking a power nap, I went to the macroecons class.
It was kinda mundane(boring) because I don't really understand what the professor is talking about. I was kinda fussy in choosing professors. If the professor is good and has passion in teaching, then I can cope with the subject though the subject is really hard for some people. And that's proven when I got really bad in my calc 3 but when I repeated it, my result was much better as I got a much better professor. Also, my friend said that this professor make the course hard for his students as he added his commentary for the course. And the commentary are too long plus it will be in the exams as well.. So, I'm not sure if I want to take this class or not. However, other classes are full already. If I want to take other class, the lecture hall would be too far from my previous class. I guess I have to make istikharah then =)

At night, I have some discussions with my friends about what we are going to do during the MLK holiday. and that's a secret/ surprise. I'll tell you when the day has come inshallah =)

Then suddenly, a friend of mine told me a VERY GOOD NEWS..

Guess what?

He passed a job interview to be an engineer!! I guess it was an internship.(I forgot,pardon me.hehe). It's really great, right? It's not easy to get it. Alhamdulillah. I knew my friend would have done it well. =D Hopefully , he can do well in his job so he can treat me someday.. hehe..just kidding =)

and oh yesss,, today is soooo beautifulllll, mashallah!! the white scenery in front of me was just..incredible! I really loveee nature!! The white snow that covers the earth really made my
day. subhanallah ^_^ thank you Allah for everything and for giving me another great day to live!
alhamdulillah =)

my first day of school the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

salam alaykum..

Hi y'all! I am trying to write in English from now on.. sometimes I'll write in Malay if I want to inshallah.. Actually, I was being inspired by Kak Amani, a Ph.D. post-graduate senior who shared a secret to be a successful writer. The secret is that if we want to have a smooth writing, we should always practice to write everyday even when we're bored.. so, inshallah, I hope this blog can be a platform for me to continue writing everyday =)

so here goes my journal for the spring semester of 2011. pardon me if I have grammar mistakes or whatsoever here and there.. still trying to learn.=)

alhamdulillah, Allah gave me His countless blessings, as usual, to start my school smoothly. =)
smoothly doesn't mean that everything is perfect. but everything can be perfect or smooth if we think the definition of it depends on the individual himself. (beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder) ;p

so yesterday, I promised myself whatever happens I do not want to skip my class ever again and do not want to be late for class. but I woke up late and felt really terrible about myself. teehee..
then, as I was on my way to class, I fell on the ground in front of my apartment as I wasn't noticed there's black ice. nice! there you go, Amirah. went late to class and fell..

however, alhamdulillah, not long after that, I regain my positiveness and said to myself that there's no time to regret for the past. There's still room for improvements. So, from having that day wasted for not having a good start, I managed to end it in a good way, I guess. alhamdulillah =)

I promised to myself that I will have to apologize to my proffessor / instructor if I came late to class. So, after the first lecture ended, I went to my Management professor and apologize to her. I know it was embarassing, right? I guess no student in America would do that! well, probably some would do as I did in special cases. I did that so that I will never late to class ever again. inshallah

After the class, I went to meet Enosh, the Islamic Education coordinator, to discuss about the display case reservation. Actually, I promised to meet him at 8:00am but I overslept. Alhamdulillah, he was not mad at me and reserved the display cases first. He told me that after he reserved it, other student came to reserve them as well. So, he was the first one to reserve the display cases for the Muslim Students Assoc (MSA) for next sem! wow! He's awesome! From him, I learned that we have to act fast to get the best spot, where are the best spot for display cases, how to be consistent in doing it, etc..

mashallah, I gained a lot of knowledge from him that day.. We chatted for a while before I went to buy the schedule book for this sem. I want to be more organize.inshallah. On my way to back to my apartment, I passed many places which I need to settle something, like transfering money, asking about my transcript etc that I never thought in mind to do it on that time. but mashallah, Allah is so merciful that He helped me a lot.

So, everything went smoothly and at night, I made a 'mutabaah amal' which is a schedule to keep track of our deeds in order to improve our amal. It had quite been a long time I abandoned it. so, I hope this mutabaah amal could help me perform better inshallah.. =)

I also made a 'budget book' so that I can keep track of my money.. I always forgot where I spent my money to.. So, I hope this would be a good start for me. =)

Oh yes, I have a good news to share with. ^_^

Since I am the da'wa coordinator for Muslim Students Assoc(MSA) and also the Outreach Officer for Purdue Malaysian Students Assoc(PUMSA), with 19 credit hours that I have for now, this semester will absolutely be a busy and hectic semester for me.

I quite doubt on how I am going to organize my time.
However, Allah is the All-Knower and He always helps me..yes, always..

biiznillah(with His permission), during the MSA meeting last Sunday, our President decides to make the Election on February instead of May. He want the people who will hold the position to be well prepared by the time they should. So, these new people will be taking our position and we are there to help or consult them.. This means ,it will be less burden for me inshallah.. alhamdulillahi rabbil alaminn =)

so, I think that was all for yesterday. It was a wonderful day indeed and a great start for me..
Alhamdulillah ^_^

Friday, January 7, 2011

i am 20!

dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.

I am 20 this year! macam x percaya je hampir nak meninggalkan usia belasan tahun!
bye bye teen! uhuk! T_T

rasa mcm I'm no longer young anymore..

kena jadi more matured i guess?
but how to define maturity?


i prefer to be myself..always being cheerful :p
but lately, im not that cheerful anymore..
I missed being me..

the happy-go-lucky old me type of person..

faham ke? or dah confused?

anyhow..since i'm 20 now, im thinking of making a 5 year plan ahead of my life
be4 this I had thought of it but never really sit and plan for it.
so, now when the time has come, I dont really know how to do it..

How eh, my friendS?
would you like to help me?

thank you, =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new song from me to you =)

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

let me share with you something..
about me i guess? hehe..

I really LOVEEE instrumental songs... really!

for example
Yiruma : Kiss the rain, River flows in you, If I could see you again, etc
Yanni : One man's dream, Nightingale, etc

there are so awesome! masyallah.. i like to hear them because they bring peace to my mind..
=) see how Allah is so merciful that we can find many ways to entertain ourselves in a good way.
Alhamdulillah( praise be to Him)
u should try to listen to them too
but not everyone likes instrumental songs.. that's why I said this post is about me..=D

anyways, I discovered that I like this new song that I'd like to share with you, my beloved readers :p

So, I present you...

hehe..sorry for just sharing the url because I just format my computer and haven't upload the youtube downloader..

anyhow, sharing is caring either way, right?
I hope you enjoy it..

just so you know, this song could bring me into tears..
how sentimental I am :p
hehe.. (saje nak menggedik kejap)

see you later inshallah.. =)
may this post give some benefit to you..

p/s : if you like this song, do share it with others like i've done it to you =) your choice. ^_^
(my friend gave it to me in the first place) =D

Bila Kamu Sebut Fasal Baitul Muslim

dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang..

Pernah dengar tak kalimah ‘Baitul Muslim'? Atau kadang-kadang orang ada sebut juga baitul dakwah dan sebagainya. Pernah dengar? Saya dengar perkataan Baitul Muslim ini, semenjak saya berada di tingkatan 4. Masa itu, masih muda sangat lagi. Jadi, memang seronok kalau masuk bab-bab kahwin ini. Orang kata, perkara masa hadapan ni memang seronok kalau bincang. Lagi-lagi kalau masuk bab cinta-cinta ni. Baitul Muslim yang membincangkan perihal hendak membina sebuah kehidupan berkeluarga yang diredhai ALLAH, pada awalnya saya anggap adalah satu konsep yang mengajar kita cara-cara memilih pasangan dengan baik. Saya nampak bahawa Baitul Muslim ini adalah satu konsep supaya lelaki perempuan tahu bercinta dengan betul. Saya yakin, ramai yang beranggapan seperti saya.

Tapi, bila saya membesar, rupanya anggapan saya itu silap.

Baitul Muslim hakikatnya bukanlah setakat berkenaan dua insan, yang satu lelaki dan yang satu lagi perempuan. Tetapi hakikatnya, Baitul Muslim itu lebih lagi dari sekadar hubungan dua insan. Baitul Muslim adalah salah satu tangga dari tangga-tanga ke arah pembinaan ummah yang diredhai ALLAH sebenarnya.

Masyarakat itu, terbentuk dari keluarga, keluarga itu terbentuk dari individu.

Sebab itu, Baitul Muslim ini bukanlah satu konsep menceritakan perihal cinta lelaki perempuan, atau cara memilih pasangan yang betul. Tetapi, Baitul Muslim adalah satu konsep untuk kita nampak keperluan wujudnya keluarga yang diredhai ALLAH, keperluan mencari isteri@suami yang diredhai ALLAH, keperluan mentarbiyah anak agar membesar dalam keredhaan ALLAH, seterusnya menjadikan keluarga kita keluarga contoh kepada masyarakat.

Dan semua itu, bukan bermula dari kita hendak mencari pasangan. Tetapi, itu semua bermula sedari saat kita berseorangan. Pengislahan diri, adalah permulaan ke arah pembinaan Baitul Muslim sebenarnya.

Hal ini, saya sedari ketika Cikgu Azmi Bahari, seorang guru di MATRI berkongsi pandangan berkenaan hal Baitul Muslim ini.

" Perkara Baitul Muslim ini, bukanlah kita fikirkan bila hampir nak kahwin. Sepatutnya hal ini kita fikirkan semenjak kita remaja lagi. Sebab perkara ini bukan perkara kecil. Perkara ini perkara besar"

Ya. Sebab, Baitul Muslim bukannya fasal nak kahwin dengan siapa, nak kahwin macam mana. Baitul Muslim hakikatnya adalah projek hendak membina ummah. Maka, hendak membina ummah ini, perlu kita mulakan dengan diri sendiri.

Sebab itu, hal ini bukan untuk kita fikir ketika hampir kahwin. Kita perlu fikir semenjak kita remaja lagi.

Tapi ramai salah anggap. Mereka kata, mereka tidak mahu berfikir akan hal pembinaan keluarga ini kerana mereka tidak mahu masuk campur hal cintan cintun semasa belajar. Sebenarnya, anggapan bahawa Baitul Muslim adalah konsep cintan cintun adalah anggapan yang tertolak. Baitul Muslim, adalah konsep pembinaan ummah. Berfikir berkenaannya, bukanlah kita berfikir kita hendak kahwin dengan siapa, tetapi kita berfikir bagaimana kita hendak membinanya bermula dengan diri kita.

Kita perlu mulakan dengan diri kita sebenarnya. Keluarga yang diredhai ALLAH tidak akan mampu dibangunkan hanya dengan usaha suami sahaja atau isteri sahaja. Maka, hendak atau tidak, jika kita mahu membina keluarga yang diredhai ALLAH SWT, kita perlu mulakan dengan membina diri kita.

Kita perlu nampak bahawa, nanti bila kita hendak berkahwin, kita perlu menjadi contoh kepada pasangan kita. Manusia itu tidak sama. Jadi, perlu ada rasa hendak lengkap melengkapi. Kita perlu nampak bahawa kita hendak menjadi penyokong kepada pasangan kita. Jadi, menjadi tanggungjawab diri kita untuk membina dan memperbaiki diri sedari hari ini.

Emosi, cara pandangan, cara pemikiran, harta, akhlak dan sebagainya, sudah perlu kita fikirkan. Adakah kita mampu membina keluarga yang diredhai ALLAH jika kita seorang panas baran? Adakah kita mampu menyara kehidupan keluarga kita dengan baik tanpa wang yang mencukupi? Adakah kita mampu memandu keluarga kita ke arah yang diredhai ALLAH jika cara pandangan dan cara pandangan kita tidak matang? Adakah kita mampu mendidik anak jika akhlak kita tidak baik?

Semua itu menyebabkan kita perlu bergerak ‘membina' Baitul Muslim semenjak hari ini. Bukanlah membina Baitul Muslim itu adalah dengan mencari pasangan mengikut ciri-ciri yang ditetapkan. Tetapi, membina Baitul Muslim itu bermula dengan kita membina diri kita sendiri ke arah apa yang ALLAH redha.

Itulah maksud membina Baitul Muslim yang sebenarnya. Bermula dengan diri kita.

Barulah kita ada kekuatan untuk membina keluarga yang diredhai ALLAH SWT, mendidik pasangan kita ke jalanNya, membimbing anak-anak di atas keredhaanNya, sekaligus menjadikan keluarga kita keluarga yang ALLAH SWT suka.

Sebab itulah, kata orang, tarbiyah (pendidikan) anak-anak itu bermula semenjak kita masih belum berkahwin lagi. Sebab, mentarbiyah diri kita juga adalah sebahagian dari perjalanan kita mendidik anak-anak kita.

Akhirnya, Baitul Muslim ini, bukanlah satu konsep cinta dua insan. Tetapi, Baitul Muslim ini adalah satu konsep untuk membina ummah. Pembinaan ummah, bermula dari diri kita sendiri.

Maka, apa lagi yang kalian tunggu?

Bergeraklah membina diri, persiapkan diri dari hari ini, untuk melakar masa hadapan yang indahnya abadi.

(dipetik dari blog ini : )

moga bermanfaat =) inshallah